Community Action Plan

Our Goal

The Partnership's main goal is to develop, implement and evaluate a Saskatoon Community Action Plan that:

  • reflects broad input and commitment from the community;
  • represents a broadened response from the community on poverty reduction;
  • reports on actions-to-date in key poverty reduction areas;
  • articulates common set of priority actions to be taken based on gaps; and
  • outlines a plan for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of community progress in reducing poverty.


Saskatoon Community Action Plan to Reduce Poverty

The Saskatoon Community Action Plan will represent a synthesis of what we've heard from the community—where there is support and agreement, where there are questions or concerns, and where there are gaps between intention and action to reduce poverty. It will put forward a starting place for action, based on where we are seeing common ground. The action plan will include:

  • a description of current understanding about poverty, what it looks like in our community, and our community's history of reducing poverty
  • a framework for change, including goals and objectives
  • an updated inventory of actions in key areas, targeted for reducing poverty
  • a set of future actions to address gaps identified between current circumstances and the future we are seeking
  • initial monitoring of the community's progress in reducing poverty

Click here to download/print our Community Action Plan.

Click here to download a copy of the SPRP work plan for 2012-2013.

If you would like to provide us with comments regarding the Community Action Plan, please use our contact form.


Monitoring Poverty in Saskatoon

The SPRP is committed to regularly monitoring a core set of indicators, represented by the diagram below.


Monitoring Poverty Indicators of Desired Outcomes Progress Policy Options Progress Actions related to the development of a comprehensive and coordinated plan

The Chimney and Roof

As individuals and communities move through stages of change, from being in crisis all the way to thriving, they build assets. In this journey they gain skills, finances, support networks, etc. These lead them, and us, to a place of sustainability. Our vision is the sustained individual and community well-being of all people in Saskatoon.

The Bricks

Evidence in reducing poverty supports specific building blocks. These building blocks are similar to what are sometimes called the determinants of health.

The Foundation

Community leadership is the foundation for our work. Poverty is an issue that cannot be addressed by any one agency or sector. The relationships, overlap and changing nature between the many different elements of poverty make it a complex problem. Tackling the complexity can only be addressed when a wide range of community partners, who are each involved with different aspects of poverty, come together with a common vision. Leading practice calls for a new approach. One that taps into local knowledge and resources, builds on community strengths, and displays collaboration within communities and across all levels of government. This involves new relationships, networks and trust, and a shared vision and understanding. Our approach brings together the concepts of "a city that bridges" (a connected and cohesive community) and "nothing about us without us" (inclusiveness). The statements were made by Saskatoon community members, one as part of a United Way community consultation, and the other from people who have a lived experience of poverty.


Contact us if you think we are missing any information regarding our Action Plan.

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