Partners In Action

The Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership (SPRP)

Poverty is a complex problem that cannot be addressed effectively by any one agency or sector working on its own. It involves many inter-related factors such as childcare, training, housing and employment that need to be addressed in a strategic and coordinated way. Tackling this complexity can only be done successfully when a wide range of community partners, who are each involved with different aspects of poverty, come together in pursuit of a common vision.

Building a common vision, however, is not a simple task. Each member brings different ideas to the table based on their various experiences and vantage points. Thus, developing a shared understanding of the issue is a challenge in itself. The members of the partnership explored the differences in perspectives and priorities, gradually finding new ways to work together.

Despite the challenges in working collaboratively, the SPRP has created a common vision through its Community Action Plan . This plan would not have been possible without significant work by the SPRP in articulating its values, purpose, framework for change and governance model as well as leadership from its key partners .

This initiative did not emerge overnight. Rather, it builds on local efforts going back at least 15 years that raised the profile of poverty as an issue of concern and expanded the range of partners looking for solutions. For more information on these efforts, see the Community History section of the Community Action Plan and the document Saskatoon Community Action Plan – Backgrounder.

Click here to download a copy of the SPRP work plan for 2012-2013.

Partners In Action

This work would not be possible without the committed partnership of a comprehensive mix of organizations and interest groups across the following sectors and areas:

  • Community service agencies
  • Aboriginal
  • Health
  • Provincial government
  • City/municipal government
  • School divisions
  • Business and Labour
  • Faith
  • Poverty advocacy groups
  • Individuals with a lived experience of poverty
  • University
  • Rogers Insurance
  • Funding bodies

Poverty to Possibility to Prosperity

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